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The League of Students consists of enthusiastic Student Ambassadors who are all having the time of their lives while studying abroad. Would you like to share your experience abroad? Are you passionate and sociable? Then becoming a student ambassador for your university is perfect for you!

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Are you interested in studying abroad but still left with some questions or doubts? Get in touch with an Ambassador and find answers to your questions. Your first friend abroad is waiting for you! It’s very easy to find a Student Ambassador at your country of choice. Fill in the form, and we will get you in touch with you!

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Studyportals strongly believes that studying abroad enriches every person, creating more understanding for different cultures, norms and values. We want to inspire more people to make this step. For this reason, we are building a League of Students who are currently studying abroad and want to share their experiences with others. Join our mission and make friends from all over the world!

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Some of the articles written by our ambassadors

Percy Festus Alao – The beauty of studying in Estonia

I am writing this review not out of financial gain but to show you all that there is still beauty in studying. The only hinderance is your choice in selecting the most beautiful option. For me, studying here has been everything. Both overwhelming and the best decision of my life.

Gabriela Tanevska – 6 reasons why you should study at Univeristy of Münster

I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to be the first one and help future students that wish to study at the University of Münster as well. Spending five months living and studying in Münster, I discovered how lucky am I to be part of such an institution and I sincerely recommend it to the all students who wish to continue their education in Germany. Here are the reasons why.

Florentina Badea – I didn’t get a scholarship and that was my blessing

Well, hello people, I am here to tell you that scholarship is not a must! I had to find this out in a not so pleasant way, but I am here to share my story with you hoping that this will bring you some comfort and maybe change your perspective! And if I manage to raise your confidence level just a little bit, I’ll be even more happy! So, stay with me and hear me up!

Suman Bhattarai – My story to get admited

story of abroad study

Sebastian Peichl – Survival Tips for Dutch University Life

Written by Sebastian Peichl Everything starts with that nostalgic moment at the airport, when you are holding your passport and waving goodbye to family and friends while passing the security check. One last turning around and then you already have to go towards your...