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The League of Students consists of enthusiastic Student Ambassadors who are all having the time of their lives while studying abroad. Would you like to share your experience abroad? Are you passionate and sociable? Then becoming a student ambassador for your university is perfect for you!

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StudyPortals strongly believes that studying abroad enriches every person, creating more understanding for different cultures, norms and values. We want to inspire more people to make this step. For this reason, we are building a League of Students who are currently studying abroad and want to share their experiences with others. Join our mission and make friends from all over the world!

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Some of the articles written by our ambassadors

Yiqi Huang – A Letter to Another Musician

Dear grandpa, It’s weird that I’ve never written to you, but immediately thought of you when I came across this ‘letter-to-a-loved-one’ challenge. I can almost see what you’re doing now: taking a nap after lunch.

Mortuza Reza – Home is where the heart is!

It was back in 2011 when I left my home sweet home for the first time ever in my life. The drive and dream of studying abroad in a foreign country made me so determined, that I accepted the fact that I would be living away from my home.

Percy Alao – Overcoming homesickness as an international student

While it is true that I have been abroad for over a year as an international student, it does not mean that I do not get homesick. As a matter of fact, I believe this is a feeling that gets even stronger as you stay longer.

Yiqi Huang – Overcoming home sickness while studying abroad: 此心安处是吾乡

To talk about homesickness, I might as well start with something from HOME: an extract from a poem written almost a thousand years ago in my mother tongue by my all-time favourite poet, Su Shi, which roughly translates to “where my heart settles down is my home”.

Farzana Hossain Eva – Overcoming my homesickness

It is tough to stay away from family and friends, while in a different county and in a different community. It is even more difficult for those who are experiencing this loneliness for the first time in their life.