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The League of Students consists of enthusiastic Student Ambassadors who are all having the time of their lives while studying abroad. Would you like to share your experiences of studying abroad? Are you passionate and sociable? Then becoming a student ambassador for your university is perfect for you!

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Are you interested in studying abroad, but still left with some questions or doubts? Get in touch with an ambassador at your university and find answers to all of your questions. Your first friend abroad is waiting for you! It’s very easy to find a student ambassador at your university or city. Just fill in the form, and we will get you in touch with a student ambassador!

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StudyPortals strongly believes that studying abroad enriches every person, creating more understanding for different cultures, norms and values. We want to inspire more people to make this step. For this reason, we are building a League of Students who are currently studying abroad and want to share their experiences with others. Join our mission and make friends from all over the world!

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Some of the articles written by our ambassadors

Maja Kušćer – French vs Croatian Christmas

Both Croatia and France are catholic countries. They celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. Families gather together to have a nice time, to eat tasty food and forget all past worries or misunderstandings. However, some traditions related to giving presents, ceremonies and Christmas meals differ among these two European countries.

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Maja Kušćer – Double Christmas celebration

A year abroad is amazing, from my experience. Meeting new people, gaining new knowledge and visiting unknown places motivated me to study in France. However, spending time away from your family and friends isn’t so easy, especially when the most special time of the year is approaching.

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Maja Kušćer – My Tour de France – Part 1

One of the reasons why I chose France as my studying destination was the fact that it’s a country with beautiful nature and rich history. I was aware of the unique opportunity to visit all the places I have dreamt about, and once you get there, you should use everything that what your new home is offering you.

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Elvira Seyidova – How to Learn the Language of the Country You Study In?

Written by Elvira Seyidova When you decide to study in a foreign country, be prepared to learn a new language along with getting a university degree! This is how I adapted effortlessly to Italian language! Basics always save lives! Try to learn some basics of the...
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Gabriela Tanevska – Christmas Traditions

They say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year: warm homes, families getting together, a lot of homemade delicious food, sharing stories, exchanging presents and enjoying being together. This is the picture we usually have in mind when we think about Christmas.

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