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The League of Students consists of enthusiastic Student Ambassadors who are all having the time of their lives while studying abroad. Would you like to share your experience abroad? Are you passionate and sociable? Then becoming a student ambassador for your university is perfect for you!

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StudyPortals strongly believes that studying abroad enriches every person, creating more understanding for different cultures, norms and values. We want to inspire more people to make this step. For this reason, we are building a League of Students who are currently studying abroad and want to share their experiences with others. Join our mission and make friends from all over the world!

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Some of the articles written by our ambassadors

Anastasia Serfioti – Love Letter from an International Student: P.S I MISS YOU

Hey! Hope you are okay. I am actually sure of it. Hope everything is turning out great with school and work and life, I guess. I know that it may seem that it is me who left (literally, it is) but, I am here, you know. In case you need something, I am here for you.

Valery Grace Salazar Cabanillas – Love Letter from an International Student: Letter to My Parents

It has not been much since we were together for Christmas at home, but I miss you so much. Every day I thank God for giving me such an amazing family who is always giving everything and working so hard to make my dreams come true.

Agnish Dhar – Love Letter from an International Student: Hi Ma

Hope you are doing fine. I miss you very much. It’s been so long that I miss your care, love, warmth and your delicious food. Here, I miss these things very much and now; life is different for me. I’m trying to do everything by myself and people here are very much self- dependent. This is a very good thing for personal development. I’m trying my best to it.

Maja Kuscer – Overcoming homesickness while studying abroad: How to survive it

They say that a long travel has different stages. First, you are excited that you are going somewhere where you will experience something new, then you enter a new territory and you are totally confused. You have to adapt to the new country.

Samreen M Hassan – Overcoming homesicknes while studying abroad: ‘Homesickness go away!’

For me, one of the hardest parts of studying abroad is being away from home and my loved ones. It’s not always the case with everyone, but most of us have sometimes felt alone and depressed in a foreign land with nobody to reach out to.