Article written by Syeda Aaliya Shehzadi

Why and how to study in Antwerp

Belgium is in the list of European countries with some of the best education systems. The most prominent universities in Belgium are Katholieke (Catholic) University Leuven (KUL), Ghent University, University of Antwerp (UA), Free university Brussel (VUB), University of Hasselt and University of Liege. Besides these universities, there are many colleges and Hoge (High) Schools where you can get professional degrees.

University of Antwerp is quite a young university founded in 2003, but falls in the category of world’s top 200 universities according to Times Higher Education (THE) ranking. Moreover, Antwerp has a central location in Belgium and Belgium is right in the heart of Europe with international living environment. If you’d like to study at University of Antwerp, then the following tips might be helpful for you.

How to find courses at University of Antwerp

Antwerp University and Antwerp city are kind of  ahub for Erasmus and exchange students. You can search programs related to your Master’s or doctorate degree on the university website.

The university has more than 11 faculties where each faculty has further several departments. Master courses are taught both in Dutch (local language) and English. Here is a list of Master courses that are being taught in English.

Once you find your programme of choice, the admission criteria is simple, you submit your application to the respective department through secretary office. If all requirements are fulfilled, you will definitely be admmitted.

For financial support, you can show a bank statement if you finance yourself or you can apply for a scholarship too. Find a list of scholarships that the university provides for international students.

But once you are there, you can also do student jobs, there is plenty of information in the university about student jobs; so you can support yourself easily.

How to find cool residence once you get admmitted

When you have secured your admission, it is advisable to secure a residence in advance before leaving your home country. It is not difficult o find a residence in Antwerp, there are various organizations that provide student housing.

Although the university has its own housing/hostels ,it is always worth to keep an eye on other options too. The most popular website is Kotweb.

Normally, the home page is in Dutch, but you can choose English at top right corner. Another cool website is Roomtobloom. You can find a room ranging 250-350 euro, a studio ranging 400-600 euro or a one-bedroom apartment for 500-700 euro, choice is yours.

When dealing the rent price with house owners, make sure that the price also includes utilities such as water, gas, electricity etc. Gate 15 is also a good option to give information about student housing.

How to get into Antwerp and things to prepare before you leave for Antwerp 

Now is time to get prepared and pack up. You don’t need to bring your whole home with you because you can easily find everything here in Antwerp. The weather is quite rainy so rain boot and rain coat can be helpful. Winter goes quite long so warm clothes is worth to bring.

When you land in Belgium, probably at Zaventem or Charleroi airport, you can easily find trains to come to Antwerp. Also Airport Express Bus service from Zaventem airport can be used which comes directly to Antwerp.

In the start of each academic year, the university organizes a welcome week usually in the mid of September, and you need to register in July to attend that event. During welcome week, you get an introduction about the university. International Relation (IR) office guides you through your study program, but as a Studyportals student ambassador, you can contact me to get more help.