Article written by Syeda Aaliya Shehzadi

What you can do in Antwerp during your study period to make your time memorisable

The most important time during studying abroad is when you are in the university. Besides attending university, of course, you need friends to chill out and people like Studyportals ambassadors, for example me , to help you out find cool places to spend your spare time J. Well, if you are a person who usually lives in your own shell, now it’s time to break this shell out. Discover new things and new people around you. As a Studyportals ambassador, I can arrange a campus or a city tour for you.

Public transport is available everywhere and it is called De Lijn service. You can get monthly or annual ticket card with student discount. Riding a bike is the best option in Antwerp, because the city is not so big and all places are easily reachable since you’ll find proper bike trails available. You can either rent a bike for a year through your university or you can easily buy a second hand bike on websites like kapza or at 2dehande. You can buy other household stuff on these websites too.

In terms of food and restaurants, you can find all types of food here like Moroccan, Turkish, Indian, Italian, Pakistani so many restaurants etc. You can buy all kind of daily food stuff from supermarkets like Carrefour, Lidl, Albertheijn, Colruyt and Aldi etc. You can enjoy world’s best beers in a lot of bars, best chocolates and best diamond jewellery.

There are plenty of swimming pools, fitness centres and indoor activities like rock climbing, bowling, skating and skiing etc.

To reach out all these things, it is advisable you learn Dutch (if you have time), because it gives you better insight into society and culture and of course, it is useful to communicate with local community. Further, it could be very helpful if you have plan to get a job in the Flemish area of Belgium in the future.

Facilities at University of Antwerp

Now what else you can do in the university? University of Antwerp has three main campuses; stad (city) campus, Middelheim campus and DrieEiken campus. In stad or city campus are mostly social sciences and computer science departments, while natural science departments like physics, chemistry and mathematics etc. are located in the Middleheim campus. Biological and pharmaceutical sciences are mostly taught in the campus Drie Eiken.

Every campus has all basic facilities such as libraries, fitness and sports centre, cafés and restaurants etc. and research laboratories. All the research laboratories are equipped with modern research facilities and provide cutting edge research opportunities. University has its own shopping or gift store where you can find hoodies, T-shirts and other souvenirs with the university logo.

The coolest feature that I realized about the university is its online student information (administration) system called SISA account. It’s kind of a self-service for students where you can update student data, you can enrol for courses, you can drop courses, you can see academic calendar and can follow your financial situation.

Simply put, you can manage your all academic stuff here. You don’t need to rush to admin office every time to control your file.

Attend extra-curricular events on campus

Additionally, the academia at the university arranges regular events for sports and arts. Students who are actively involved in the top sports or arts have a special study programme and/or exam schedule if their activity as a professional athlete or artist requires.Various student associations are active to arrange and organize non-academic events, and you can find more information on the website of student associations. Most popular is Umbrella Student Association that organizes activities such as ‘cantussen’ (singing and drinking events), parties, cocktail parties, student balls, a film week, a go-kart race and several other events.In conclusion, not only you can enjoy academic life in Antwerp but also non-academic one.

I am looking forward to seeing you around the Antwerp campus!