Article written by Arianna Colonello

Get rid of all your fears and seize every experience that comes your way!

Try some sports!

I had an excellent experience today. I went to Zumba, I had never done it before. It was a lot of fun. I felt welcome by the instructors and by all the other people that joined in this ticket hours course. I did it for one hour. I had a lot of fun with different music; you dance a lot, you move your body, it is a very intensive activity. I like dancing very much so this was like a dream to me.

Fun should be part of your studying experience abroad. If you are disabled do not feel uncomfortable, do not set limits to yourself, try more experiences, as many as you can have.

Joining Zumba with my friends
My friends were worried about me because they thought I was not safe during this course. In the end, they were so pleased to see that I had enjoyed it a lot and that I was happy that they wanted to come again together with me.

They were afraid not because I have a disability, but they were afraid for themselves as well. I told them that we have to enjoy our life, we have only one and it’s very short. I know that my friends are very nice people, they do not judge me for my disabilities.

Sports can help you concentrate better on your studies
I think that sport allows you to study better. At the beginning, I was convinced that if you do sports, you waste a lot of time, which goes against your studies. Actually, I discovered that sports allows you to get rid of stress and to enjoy your time so then you can study better, with more power and energy. I am happy to do Zumba again, but I would like to also try other sports and I like power sports.

I wrote this article to motivate you to do the same things as I did. It is important for everyone, but especially for a person with disabilities, to feel welcomed and for the instructor and the other people in the class help this person joins this sport in the same way as they do. So they would feel welcome and accepted in the team.

I received all the attention and help, I felt also highly considered. It is important that people consider not only your disability, but also your abilities. They told me that I danced very well!! I like to dance: it was my dream to try this activity.

I wish the best for every student with and without disabilities, so I hope that they will try the same experience as I did. The great opportunity that our sports center gives the students is to buy an hours ticket; in this way, you can try every sport available. You have to buy your sport card, and with this, you can decide which courses you want to take, and you are allowed to buy the ticket hours.

Choose the perfect sport for you!
Do not limit yourself, choose the sports that are suitable for your disability. Do not limit your life because of your disability, try as many experiences as possible for you. Moreover, I think that due to the prejudices linked to the cultural differences you can find in every country, people with disabilities are not allowed to have all the experiences that they need and want to do. So get rid of your fears and start adding some interesting experiences in your life!