Article written by Essa Khatatbeh

Hello everyone!

Last September, in 2016, I came here to Villach to start my first experience in studying abroad at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

I did not know anyone in this city, I arranged my accommodation through the internet, and it was easy to manage. Due to the new environment, I had to learn as much as possible about the Austrian culture.

After a few days of my arrival, I met a lot of students and they became my colleagues and close friends; together we shared about our cultures, explored places and had a lot of fun.

A few things about Villach city in Austria

Villach is a city with a range of 50.000 to 60.000 people living here., At night, it is a quite an empty city, most shops usually close at around 20:00, some restaurants and cafes are open till 12:00 am.

During each season, there are some interesting events such as October fest, Christmas market, Villacher Fasching and more. Villach city has a beauty in the structure of the building and the streets, and it also has wonderful views, many lakes, and mountains, so if you are a person who loves nature, you will love Villach.

My main transportation here is by bike since you usually need to wait a long time for the bus to arrive.

How can you have fun in Villach

After the lectures started and the assignments were flowing, of course, I needed to chill out and get some relaxation time. So here is a list of stuff me and my friends did and still do to spend some quality time together:

-International office in the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences plans many events throughout the academic year.

As a student, you will be informed by email about these; trust me, they prepare amazing events.  This year, I participated in visiting Salzburg Christmas market, the chocolate factory near Graz city and the skiing day in Goldeck Bergbahnen (ski resort).

  • We tried some winter sports: ice skating on a frozen lake (Silbersee-the silver lake), and for skiing or snowboarding here is the right place; south Austria is known for its skiing resorts with awesome slopes.
  • For adventure lovers, you will find manyplaces for hiking, especially on Dobratsch, Mittagskogel, and Landscroon castle.
  • Explore cities close to Italy and Slovenia borders, it can be done on bike
  • A walk in the city centre and beside the river at night always gives me a good mood.

One more reason why I love Villach

I love studying here because the place gives me a peace of mind. The people I met here are fabulous and even the people I do not know are extremely polite. When I am walking down the street and pass by a stranger, they say ‘Hello’ with a smile. Simple things like this I did not notice in big cities, and it always fills my heart with happiness.

In this article, I wanted to describe a general view about living in Villach from my perspective, I hope that you enjoyed reading my article.

Thank you!