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Article written by Gabriela Tanevska

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a charming small city with around 280.000 inhabitants. Every year, Ljubljana hosts a large number of international students making the place lively and energetic with the possibility to meet people from all around the world. More and more students choose this city as their study destination because of the high-quality programmes offered by the University of Ljubljana both in Slovene and English, the numerous benefits provided to students and the affordable living costs.

The cost of living can vary greatly depending on the lifestyle, budget and spending habits. However, these are the price ranges students can expect when moving to Ljubljana.


There are two options students can choose from when looking for accommodation:

  • student dormitories
  • private housing.

Getting into student dormitories requires applying in advance because the rooms offered are limited. The easiest way to find private accommodation is through Facebook groups where students connect to find a person to share a room or flat with. The rent for both is around 150 – 250 euros per month depending whether is a shared or a private room.

In addition, the utility costs which are not included in the rent vary depending on the season and are 40 – 60 euro per month. Alternatively, renting a studio costs 400 – 500 euros per month.

Getting around in Ljubljana

Being entitled with the European Green Capital award in 2016, Ljubljana is a city that pays a lot of attention to keeping its environment clean. That is why you can expect to see a lot of people getting around by bicycles rather than cars.

Ljubljana is quite a bike friendly city as it offers bike stations all throughout the city. People can rent bikes in one part of the town and leave them in another within an hour. The prices for renting a bicycle are very affordable, 1 euro per week or 3 euros per month. Then again, owning a bike is very common and buying a second-hand bike usually costs around 50 euros.

If you are not a big fan of cycling, you can get around using buses they arrive in bus stations quite frequently. The monthly bus card for students costs 20 euros.

You can also use the taxi as taxi companies have discounted tariffs for students.

Benefit from discounts in restaurants

The best thing about being a student in Ljubljana is the food costs in restaurants. Students are entitled to ‘student boni’ and the amount depends on the number of working days in a month, typically 20.

With the student boni, subsidized meals that include a soup, a main dish, a salad and a fruit are offered in a lot of restaurants around the city that costs 0 – 5 euros.

If you prefer cooking, supermarkets have very cheap prices and preparing meals at home can costs around 100 euros per month.

Enjoy the various sports opportunities

Staying active in Slovenia is very easy because the country itself is known for its mountains, ski resorts and many Slovenians usually spend their weekends hiking. Still, for those who prefer to stay in shape and not leave the city, the university offers gym membership for students, which costs 20 euros per semester. However, the time at which students can attend various classes such as aerobics, pilates or fitness can be limited. Alternatively, almost all gyms around the city offer discounted prices for students.

The nightlife in Ljubljana

There is a little bit of everything for everyone’s taste. Bars and clubs host parties for students mostly during the week and commercial ones during the weekend. Entrance fee in a club can cost between 3 and 8 euros, and prices can be higher when a special guest is performing.

Drinks cost from 3 euros and above. For those that prefer more casual gathering, Metelkova is the most popular place where young people hang around.

Enjoy low living costs in Ljubljana

All in all, students’ living costs are approximately 500 euros per month. However, this can vary according to students’ preferences and spending behaviors. This article was meant to provide you a broad overview of the prices students are most likely to find.Still, it’s best to do a research on prices before coming to Ljubljana, so you can choose what best fits your needs and budget.