Written by Anastasia Serfioti

Going back to school has always been synonym with a new beginning, at least for me.

Whether you are going back to your final year in high school or it’s your first year at university or you’re going back to college for your second, third, or fourth year (which is my case) you can’t wait to fulfil the anticipations you had over the summer: How will school and everyone else going to be? Whom am I going to sit next to? Will he/she take good notes and help me when I need it? Did anything change since last year?

All these questions preoccupy us and create a stressful environment around the concept of going back to school, which is more or less the idea of being reunited with your friends and the opportunity to make new ones.

So, why the stress?

I have always been one of those people who couldn’t wait to go back to school. Even though I was having the best vacation possible after a challenging first academic year, I constantly looked back at the people I left behind, when school was over: the professors, the faculty staff, the campus. So, when I came back, I couldn’t wait to see how everyone was doing and what they have been up to over the summer.

This year, I got to stay at the most lovely apartment in the city centre, within a walking distance from school, so I have everything: a place of my own (that I got to decorate myself), a vicinity to all the cafés, restaurants and bars, and my friends, who also live nearby. Basically, everything a student could ask for.

I even have the motivation to go to the new library, now, as the constructions were done throughout summer.

It is not an exaggeration when we refer to our school/university years as our favourite ones, because those years are truly the best ones.

It is that point in your life when you are free to do whatever you want, to go wherever you want, to accomplish your childhood dreams and go on the most amazing adventures. And all this starts when you go back to school…