Written by Mariam Devadze

The holiday season is always alluring, and inspires you to procrastinate. However, this summer was very different for me: I spent the whole summer volunteering in Albania as an English teacher with AIESEC in SOS Village Tirana.

It was an amazing, life-changing experience, that gave me a boost of inspiration, to continue studying to achieve my goals and to be able to reach more people. But, going back to school is never easy, as it almost had me playing an Amy Winehouse’s song in the background of my late September days.

I arrived back to Milan, and, as it turns out, during my summer holidays, I didn’t realise just how much I missed my friends and the university lifestyle. I fell back on track very quickly: I met most of my friends during the first few days and enjoyed the post-holiday days, despite the gloomy attitude I had before.

Meeting new people and seeing my friends again is very different, of course, but, at the same time, quite similar. Summer holidays are always full of wonders for me, as they tend to change, or even transform people so much.

I mean, during my middle school days, it was usually seeing that boys had grown taller than me, which always felt quite devastating for 12 year-old Mari. But now, during university years, it is more about changing personalities and attitudes. Most of my friends spent their summer exploring things, participating in activities, or generally doing something very interesting.

Summer tends to make people more mature and to give a more positive overview, to a certain extent. Summer is the time where a lot of people start setting goals for the upcoming academic year, and this makes reunions exciting, as you discover and learn more.

For me, this is always the most interesting moment after the summer: to see changes in people. However, I am also excited for the new courses and the new experiences that are waiting for me this year. That’s why, for me, September is always a new and exciting start!