Written by Essa Khatatbeh

Sometimes you reach that point when you want to do something different and embark on a new adventure to a place where nobody knows you. You can do this by going on holiday, but also by finding work abroad or enrolling to study in another country. In this article, I will focus on studying abroad.

Leaving your country, your family and friends is not an easy decision to make. Fear of change might make you change your mind instead of your life. At the same time, curiosity will push you forward. But this time it’s better to let curiosity win.

I remember these two feelings before I moved to Austria to do a degree. Now, a year later, lot of things have changed. For instance, I’ve learned how to look at things from different points of view and how to be more responsible and mature.

At first it was challenging to adjust to the new environment. I was missing all the good times with people in my home country. Slowly I tried to find a balance by staying in contact with my family and friends while also enjoying life here.

I’ve learned how to prepare dishes from different cultures and to do all the housework, which made me more independent. And guess what? I can say that I now definitely appreciate more the efforts our parents make in taking care of us.

If you’re determined to go on a study abroad adventure, here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Be open to meet and accept people who have different beliefs, languages, and cultures. Each person has a unique personality and unique experiences that you can learn from.
  • Choose the study programme that matches your interests. Learning something you like will make you more motivated to adjust to the new environment.
  • Remember to be an excellent representative for your country. Show your new friends the beauty of where you came from.

If you feel ready to study abroad, just do it. You will love it!