Written by Antu Datta

New Year’s celebration means welcoming the future and leaving the past behind. Life has blessed me with many things this year, but now it’s time to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018. People from every corner of the world celebrate the occasion in their own way. I am lucky as I will celebrate the New Year’s party in a new place.

In Bangladesh, the usual celebration includes a grand dinner or cultural party with friends. During my Bachelor’s studies, up to last year, we used to start preparing for our New Year’s party from the morning of the 31st December. There, celebrations start with a bar-b-q party and continues with Choir music together with friends. Everyone waits for the clock to turn 12:01 am and start the year with wishes for prosperity & happiness.

This year, celebration will be pretty different because now I am studying in Finland. It’s going to be in a new style with new friends. Me and my friends are planning a dinner together. The most interesting part is that it will include dishes from different countries. Everyone will cook one dish; it will be a multinational party.

Our plan also includes visiting a club to enjoy some nice music. We will sing together and dance to make a good memory out of it. We will toast for a great future and with  each other a lifelong friendship.

Finally, we will go to the central celebration point of our university town – the harbour. There will be a firework show, to celebrate the end of this year and to welcome 2018. Me and my friends will wait there together and will welcome the new year praying for a prosperous & happy life for everyone. Later we will roam around the town for a short while to see the procession and other Finnish traditions for welcoming the new year. The celebration will end late night with some more toasts and club parties.

Though this year my new year party will be in a different part of the world from last year, the style is always similar everywhere. What’s more, when you have good friends, celebrating New Year’s differently is even more enjoyable. The main idea is to be happy and to forget bad memories so that you can to make some new great ones. May the New Year bring happiness & prosperity to everyone.