Written by Maja Kušćer

The most valuable thing that I gained while studying abroad were new friendships. France is a multicultural country and many international students study in Lille. I had the pleasure of meeting people from all continents which gives me enough reasons to visit some countries and cities. Now, when I am back studying in my home country, I miss all the talks and parties we organized. So, I was thinking why not put an end to 2017 together?! One of my best friends whom I met in Lille told me that her door in Germany will always be open for me. So, why not to pass through this door in 2017 and go out in 2018?

We will celebrate the arrival of 2018 in her apartment in Heidelberg. The environment will be multicultural; besides me, a Croatian, there will also be French and Germans. The good thing is that we all speak German, so it will be a good opportunity for me to practice the language.

We are still negotiating on the music, games that we could play, food and drinks. Everyone will bring something; cakes, drinks, music, etc. For sure we will eat raclette, a tasty Swiss dish that we used to eat in Lille. Raclette is great to eat in a group. On the electric table-top grill with small pans you can melt the cheese called raclette and put it on potatoes, vegetables or meat. It is really tasty, and you can eat it for hours.

We will welcome the New Year with champagne and say in German „Frohes neues Jahr 2018!“. Maybe later we will go out to the city to see the fireworks and to dance in some club. You never know what the new year may bring to you. For me this celebration will be special. It wouldn’t be my first time celebrating New Year outside of Croatia, but it would be the first time with my friends from Lille. I will also stay there for a week to hang out with my friend and to visit other German cities like Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Manheim, etc.

Until now I welcomed 23 New Years. Some celebrations I do not remember, some of them I wish to forget, some I miss. I hope that welcoming 2018 will exceed my expectations; that we will all have great time and that it won’t stop after midnight. Who knows, maybe this celebration will become a tradition for us.