Written by Elvira Seyidova

When you look for a suitable programme and country for your academic degree, searching and finding the right place can be a big challenge. Here are some tips in case you might be interested in studying in Italy:

It is obvious that when you think about studying abroad, Germany, Great Britain and countries alike are the first ones to come to our mind. However, once you look closely, Italy is another great option hiding in the periphery.

If you are interested in Economics and Social Sciences, Italy is one of the top options. In Humanities and Social Sciences, Bologna is the best university in Italy and it ranks in top 150 universities in the world.

After Bologna, Siena University is the second-best university in Italy, ranked in top 300 world universities. Moreover, Siena University is one of the best ones if you are interested in Economics as it was built on Economics degrees as the main field of study.

Siena University is widely known for innovative ideas. At least once in every two months, you can come across a workshop! Or if you are lucky, sometimes you can see Noam Chomsky himself giving some seminars as a guest professor!

When you look for other universities in Tuscany, there’s also the University of Florence which gives you the opportunity to live and study in the centre of Art and Love. In Florence, besides the normal public university, there are also private art schools, conservatories and special design schools for amateurs and professionals who want to get degree!

And the last biggest university in Tuscany is Pisa University which is one of the best places to get your PhD.

Going out of Tuscany, there’s Central Italy (which is hard to describe because of the great nature and complex history 😊 ). If you are a person of big cities, try to look for Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino and University of Turin. Milan and Turin are industrial cities which are very lively and where it’s easy to find a job if you are looking for one!

And last but not least, La Sapienza University is situated in Rome and it is one of the most famous and let’s say “cool” universities in Italy. You can see famous lawyers, or even some politicians around the university giving lectures and sharing their experiences.

However, Italy can be a bit expensive in terms of living expenses and tuition fees. The good news is that you can find scholarship options such as the scholarship offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Scholarships which are not that hard to get. Each region has its own special scholarship for students with low income or high academic skills. By earning this you can study in Italy without any difficulties. For example, some regions provide students with an amount of money which can be help covering accommodation fees, while others offer you free accommodation and canteen service!

To sum up, I would recommend doing some research about the Italian education system, if you want to have a recognised degree as well as a lot of fun! 😉