Written by Antu Datta

Going abroad to study is like flying. But some wrong steps are enough to make it like hell, especially being short of money in a foreign land. These sound like a spoiler, but practical aspects are part of the world we live in. If you want to have a great start to your  abroad life, you should pay attention to these points before leaving your home country.

  1. Secure enough money in bank/pocket

Before leaving your home country, make sure you have enough money in your bank account. The amount should be the same as per the visa regulations. The immigration authorities of the  country set the limit for a minimum amount as per the country’s minimum living cost standard. You should always have this amount within your reach.

  1. Secure your accommodation

Before reaching a new place, the first and foremost task you have to complete is to secure the accommodation. Most universities have their dormitories or student unions arrange housing for the students. There are also some other rental support organizations. Make sure you have somewhere to stay after arriving to the new place. From my personal experience, reaching a new place without pre-secured residence is not too enjoyable.

  1. Learn some basic local language words

It’s better to learn some basic words before arriving. For example, in Finland, even the street signs and the product labels in shopping malls are written in Finnish. Knowing basic names for foods can help a lot when you first arrive.

  1. Learn some skills to help you find a job online

Many students go for their higher studies with the plan to work part-time to cover their living costs. But it’s always tough at first to get any job without local language proficiency. Moreover, if it is a small town, then getting a part-time job is a real challenge.

Having some skills that can help you find outsourced jobs can save you from a very tough situation. Programing knowledge, web development, graphic design etc. will help you find lots of work options on various online job platforms.

  1. Search for all possible means to get a scholarship

Getting a scholarship is never easy, but such a financial help is like a blessing for many students abroad. Sometimes the university itself offers scholarships, but there are also various organizations which look for eligible& quality applicants to help them financially. Some international professional groups also support students financially. You need to look them up. Everything is available on the internet. Also, you can always ask people around and expand your network so that you find out faster about scholarship opportunities.

  1. Have some basic ideas about the university city/town

This is a real big deal because you are going to stay there for the  next couple of months or years. Knowing about the city culture, people, social life, attractions can help you to make a proper image of  where you are going to live. Sometimes it might happen that a student likes his/her university but doesn’t feel comfortable living in that city. That directly affects your study performance.

Studying abroad is a challenge in life, but  good preparations can make it easier to for you when you start your international studies. Everyone knows how to cope up with everything after staying couple of weeks in a place, but a good start is always ideal..

But whatever happens, Keep calm! Everything will become alright. Just start enjoying what you are doing and where you are.