Written by Florentina Badea

Hello everyone! I am Flori and I am a second-year master student in Business Information Technology at the University of Twente from the Netherlands. Being an international student it’s not always easy, but it teaches you a lot. My personal belief is that it changes you into a better person, acting more responsible and improving your time management skills. Trust me, I got to travel more since I am studying abroad, and I also participated in a lot of cultural events while spending much more time on studying than I did before.

So, let me walk you through a daily routine in my life:

6.00-6.30 Morning run. Dutch people love sports and I thought that if they can do it, I can also try it. It was a real challenge for me to do that, but it comes along with some nice benefits. First of all, it’s good for my health, it boosts my energy and gives me time to do some tasks, to be ready for my morning classes, or just have some ‘me time’ while everyone is still sleeping.

8.00-8.30 Riding my bike to reach the campus. I live in the city, so I really love doing this as I can think about my top priorities from that day while listening to music. If it rains, I might not enjoy it that much, but I developed good biking skills, so I can use an umbrella to keep me dry.

8.45-12.30 Morning classes. Being a master student, most of my classes are in the morning. I enjoy them, as I really love the programme that I am pursuing  and the lectures are quite practical and easy to follow.

12.30-13.30 Lunch break. During the lunchtime, every student and employee from our university goes  to have their lunch in a building called Waaier. I usually go there with my friends/ colleagues, but if I am going there by myself I usually get to know a lot of people just by chit-chatting about different topics. And great stories start from there!

13.30- 17-30 Self-study. In the master program, you get a lot of “free time” which you can manage as you wish. Therefore, it’s really important to know your priorities and develop a good time management plan and be responsible for following it. I usually go to the library and find a spot and study there. Studying along with other students really helps me focus better. If I would go directly home, I would be procrastinating for sure (that’s why I never do that).

17.30-19.00 Doing part-time job-related tasks. I do have a part-time job and I am trying my best to always come up with new ideas not just doing the general tasks. I am really productive in the evenings so that’s why I choose to do that during this time schedule. In this interval I also have my dinner.

19.00- 21.00 Gym time/ Social events. Some of the days I go to the gym from our campus, and that’s really nice because it’s 5 minutes away  from the library (yuhuu!). But there are evenings when we have social events, such as workshops or just networking activities, organized by the international students’ associations from our university ( I like to join those), also pretty close to the library (a good thing in our campus: the library is close to most of the facilities).

21.00-22.00 Going back home. The ride is really nice and relaxing, helping me to get home quite refreshed after a long day. Once I reach my home, I usually spend some time with my housemates and then go to sleep.

Sometimes, I also study during the weekends, but in most of the cases I travel. I like discovering new cities, either in the Netherlands or in other countries. Studying abroad really increases your network. And I have to say, having international friends comes with the benefit of having a second home in different places around the world. That’s why I believe I made one of my best decisions by choosing to follow an international study program.