Written by Gabriela Tanevska

This time of the year gives us the chance to reflect, look back on our achievements and look forward to the mystery the New Year brings, hoping it will be filled with more joy, love and success. But, for a change to happen, especially an improvement, we need to commit ourselves to changing some of our old habits. Here is where New Year resolutions come into the picture. Although 2017 was an amazing year for me in every sense, I am hoping to have an even greater 2018. To be able to achieve that, I decided to accomplish the following:

Learn to embrace uncertainty!

Studying abroad comes with a lot of uncertainty. In January 2016, I started searching for Master’s studies using MastersPortals and applied to various places. One year later, I was applying for my Erasmus Exchange semester. Although I applied for exactly three places where I wanted to go, my University decided that a forth option is the most suitable for me. This January, I am applying for an Erasmus Traineeship without having a particular country in mind where I would prefer to go. In all three cases I had no idea where I would end up, and what bothered me the most was the uncertainty. It was both exciting that a huge change was about to happen, and scary because I didn’t know what exactly the change was going to be like. And, after two years I still didn’t learn to cope with it. That’s why one of this year’s resolutions is to learn to embrace and cherish the unknown, stay positive and believe that everything is going to be fine.

Keep exploring!

In 2017, I was lucky enough to visit 20 new cities in France (2), Germany (8), Italy (3), Switzerland (1), Slovenia (5), and the Netherlands (1). I extended my network of friends from around the world, started learning a new language and tried different types of food,  that even in my wildest dreams I would have never imagine eating. These experiences made me see things from a different perspective and helped me learn about other cultures and countries. So, in 2018 I hope to get even more from the world, I strive to travel, discover, absorb knowledge and improve myself.

Learn to live with less (clothes)!

Although no one really talks about it, moving abroad means packing your bags, or more importantly, fitting in your bags. Before I moved for my Master’s studies in Slovenia I always lived in one place and I never had to deal with the process of deciding what I would need for the next six months or a year in terms of clothes. To some, this will sound funny, especially to guys, but for the ladies this is a huge deal. Having to move to Slovenia and then back home, I thought I’ve learned the lesson to pack practically. However, faced with the same problem of having to fit my wardrobe for 6 months in a 32kg suitcase when I had to move to Germany, dragging it from one airport to another, stressing and praying that the officials at the check-in counters would let me get away with few kilograms extra luggage, made me realize that I still haven’t learned the lesson. That is why I choose 2018 to be the year when I spend less money on clothes and more on experiences. And pack properly 😊.

Happy New Year!