Written by Stephen Ma

Hey everyone! 🙂 Are you tired of the way you prepare for exams? And feel like you need a new way of thinking and a new approach? Maybe this could help!

Studying for exams has traditionally followed a certain methodology and path, that one should take in order to succeed and, yes, this does include the night-before-rummage-through-notes sequence that everyone takes, and it always feels the same. This, though, is relative to each and every country, besides your own.

For me, in the case of exam preparation in Sweden compared to England, I have seen quite a huge change in my approach.

Studying and the idea of it can seem very draining and isolating. However, why work alone when you have a class filled with students who are sharing the exact same feelings as you?

  1. Create a ‘study group’

Or, as we call it, ‘study buddies’. It can really be beneficial towards yourself and the other members. You can split the literature and meet up and discuss, as you do when you meet up socially and connect your thoughts together. I found that speaking and listening about what you have learnt or what you have gathered from each lecture, as they pass, is incredibly useful in the learning process.

  1. There is a difference between ‘knowing’ something and actually ‘understanding’ it. Remember this! 
  2. Take your time. 

You should never feel pressured into working faster than you can. It is better to nail certain topics down, rather than rushing through chapters to beat the clock.

Sweden vs England: how to study in each

The examination system in Sweden is a little more comfortable, compared to England’s, at least. In England, you would laugh if you had the ability to take food with you into the examination hall, let alone a bottle of water with a label on it. In Sweden, you are warmly welcomed to your seat and are encouraged to bring any type of food or drinks with you. This was a massive surprise for me and I brought chocolate milk (and even a sandwich!). The exams are, on average, 4 hours long, and that really allows to collect your thoughts and go through everything you’ve crammed into your head the past weeks.

Finally, you have to enjoy it! You are going to put less thought and energy into something that doesn’t affect you greatly. See it as something that you can be proud of, and show what you know, while challenging yourself.