Written by Maja Kušćer

I celebrated the end of 2017 in a new place with new friends. With the arrival of 2018 I decided to turn a new page in my life. Every year I make a list of wishes and goals that I want to achieve during the next 365 days. Sometimes they come true, sometimes they don’t. But I always try to do my best to keep my resolutions. Last year my wish was to successfully finish my studies in Lille and find a good internship. With my work and persistence, I managed to realize it. This year comes with new resolutions that are even more ambitious and that could be guidelines for other international students.


  1. Do more than just studying!

I am a multitasking person. My student life doesn’t mean only going to the lectures and studying. I try to participate in different extracurricular activities. In 2018 I want to participate in more conferences and workshops related to marketing, leadership, EU projects and digital revolution. In this way I want to gather new experience and to see in which direction I want to take my career.


  1. Win a case study competition!

I often participate in case study competitions and until now I won 3 awards. I want to increase this number of prizes. When I participate in these competitions my goal isn’t only to win a prize, but also to learn something new. This is the best way to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and to increase your chances of  finding a good job or internship after graduation.


  1. Learn Portuguese!

I speak 5 foreign languages and Portuguese has always been a language I really like. In Lille I met some Brazilians and I was so eager to speak with them in their mother tongue, but I couldn’t. I want to overcome this language barrier and to enjoy talking with them.


  1. Show that Zagreb is also a great destination to study abroad!

Zagreb offers many Bachelor’s and Master’s studies that are taught in English. As a Student Ambassador I want to help international students to adapt to Zagreb student life and to invite new students to the city!


  1. Hang out with other Student Ambassadors and travel!

So many ambassadors, so many countries, cultures and cities. Since I am passionate traveler, I’d like to travel more than last year and meet other Student Ambassadors in person.