Written by Percy Alao

The first resolution for me in 2018 is to complete my Master’s degree. As I am currently about to round up the third semester of my studies, the fourth semester shall entirely be dedicated to my project, which I already begun working on earnestly, since the beginning of studies in my first year.

This is because it is a common practice at Tallinn University of Technology to introduce research topics to students, which must be taken as a semester project and then gradually worked through on each semester and, if successful, would form the finals thesis. Hence, my first New Year’s resolution is to complete my research, defend my thesis, and successfully graduate.

The second New Year’s resolution is to dedicate as much time as I can to help promote international studies in Estonia, especially Tallinn University of Technology, through Studyportals. This was the main reason I joined Studyportals’ Ambassadors League of Student programme and have studied here.

I have come to have a stronger mindset, that international students help form a basis for improved education systems and promoting countries’ education institutions, as well as bringing about an improvement in social integration and international relations.

However, I had to divide my time between studying, working, and other functions. But, since I will only be doing research work during my last semester, I believe this will give me the opportunity to achieve this goal.

This is unarguably my first time in Europe, hence my 3rd New Year’s resolution is to travel and visit other European countries. I have spent the last year since I came to Tallinn studying and have not find the time to travel, however, since I have a bit more time this year, I have decided that, within the first 6 months of the year, I should visit at least 5 other countries in Europe.

These are the three main New Year’s resolutions for me in 2018, and I hope that I can achieve them all!