Written by Stephen Ma

Where to begin?

With the start of a whole New Year, sometimes, as a student studying abroad, you may find it difficult to know exactly what’s going to happen and what to expect. What sort of New Year traditions are there, that are culturally different to your own? What are the new things that you are going to experience? What is going to happen that may change the person you are this year that is different from the ‘you’ from last year?

It can be exciting starting a New Year (also daunting), but don’t worry any further!

Here are 3 of my New Year’s resolutions for you to sit back, relax, read, and enjoy. And, if possible, fit them into your own schedule of resolutions…

1) Forget all of 2017s’ negativity, that has made you sad, upset, or has made you feel uncomfortable about starting the New Year. Leave that behind! Instead of thinking about all the money you have spent during the Christmas period, think about all of the time you got to spend with your close ones (all the family and friends from home). If you stayed in the country you’re studying in, then think about all those new relationships you have made and get to know them further.

2) Look further into what the new country has to offer. After having experienced the new types of food, drinks, sights, and language, maybe it’s possible to give it a try and go beyond this. Start thinking about the history of where you are: How are the accents different from one city/region to another? What is the population and demographic of native students compared to internationals where you are studying? By living the culture, you are going beyond learning the differences and actually understanding them.

3) Do something challenging and outside of your comfort zone, whether it’s studying with a group that you don’t usually speak to or going to local events on your own. This may sound intense, but it can be a way of introducing yourself to much more than you have imagined.

Don’t miss out on any new opportunities!

So, have a great 2018, and, if you happen to be in Gothenburg in Sweden, definitively come by and say hello.