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Written by Antu Datta

Starting your studies abroad in a place where you don’t know anyone is not an easy task, but it is something which has a magic life-changing influence. This life period gives you both the feeling of losing and achieving something.

The first phase of the challenge of studying abroad starts with the loneliness caused by not having anyone you know around you in the beginning. Homesickness makes you worry about parents and friends back home.

Some people also face financial challenges, especially when the new place has a high-value currency and very high living costs compared to home. The weather can be a tough challenge, while cultural difference can sometimes lead to weird situations.

Another challenge might be that not everyone, on the streets and on the campus, is friendly. There are people from various parts of the world who are very open-minded, who are welcoming and helpful. However, there are also people who can be very selfish.

The most challenging part is to find a job, both during and after your studies. Sometimes even if you have great skills, the interview ends badly because of a small issue, such as lack of proficiency in the native language. Those days can be very disappointing.

How to overcome studying abroad challenges

But all these challenges mostly occur in the beginning of your studies abroad. With time, everyone becomes accustomed to the new lifestyle. What’s more, these difficulties help you gain mental strength, self-confidence, and passion for your work.

What makes these challenges easier are some very good friends, group studies, group adventures& tours, parties, and cooking nights. Such experiences make bonding stronger than differences of race, nationality, and religion.

Also, meeting local people and learning the local language makes cultural integration easier and it even helps with your professional development sometimes.

The new experience of staying abroad makes you feel the real vibe of life. So, to have a wonderful study abroad experience keep an open-mind and a positive attitude.

P.S: The attached photo was taken during my recent skating attempt, for the first time in my life. My life is like skating now, slippery and unstable, but it’s offering me wonderful moments and memories.