Written by Izaz Ali

Well, studying abroad was always my keen desire, specially in Europe. When I learned about the scholarship from the Hungarian Government for international students, I was very happy, and applied for the scholarship immediately.

There were just fifty (50) seats for Pakistan and more than three thousand candidates applied for the test, so it was a tough competition, but, thank God, I passed that stage and got selected to go to my first university choice (BME).

I was also selected for the Turkey Burslari Scholarship (from the Govt. of Turkey) but choose Hungary as my destination. Now, I am studying a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Modelling, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The very first point want to highlight at this stage is the gentle balance between social life and studying. This means you’ll never get bored while studying, and you’ll never be caught doing nothing. You’ll find something to do at every moment, place, and time.

I’ve had an amazing experience in just four months of staying abroad, while interacting with foreigner students and working people. This gave me extra energy to improve my skills and personality, and to work hard so that you may succeed. Making new friends and knowing about different cultures, foods, drinks, made the experience enjoyable all the time.

The international community is outstanding, and, with whom I’ve had interacted, were very polite and gentle.

Last, but not the least, I have the opportunity to visit all the Schengen territory, so that is also a plus point to explore the whole Europe.

I am very thankful to Studyportals, that they created such a platform, on which we are able to connect with other students around the world, and where we have the opportunity to get to know each other and make new friends.