Written by Maja Kušćer

The motivation for a venture can come from different sources. Everything that surrounds us is full of messages. A positive experience of a friend, a recognition from employers, an advice from your professors is some of the main incentives which can encourage you to become an international student.

Sometimes you find an incentive in an unusual place; in ads that you see when you are in the metro travelling to your university, in the articles from the internet and even in movies. The last-mentioned factor is often not considered as an important one when deciding whether to continue your studies away from home. But, it is! A movie can be your inspiration! Studying abroad is very closely related to travelling. Remember, how Bangkok became a popular tourist destination after Hangover Part II was released? It is all about the viewer’s perception.  A movie can have different effects on people.

A movie that motivated me to choose France as a study destination was a popular French comedy, Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis. I have always adored French movies. They are well shot and have an interesting and often very unusual plot. For me, the best are the comedies. The French have a good sense of humour and their movies can be hilarious. I remember the days when I could not speak French, I thought it was the most difficult language in Europe. When I watched Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis for the first time, I immediately liked it. I couldn’t understand a single word without subtitles, but it motivated me to start learning French. And I did.

After some time, I watched the movie again and I thought, but wait, why not be more ambitious and choose France as my study destination? At that time, I knew that I wanted to study abroad, but I still wasn’t sure where. The best way to improve my French was going where it is spoken. Moreover, in the movie the manager of the postal service moves from south of France to the north because of his work. The best thing is that he moves to the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais where a special dialect is spoken. Even the French can’t understand the locals.

The movie motivated me to do the same, to move from South-East of Europe to the West and to arrive to a place where I couldn’t speak the same language as at home. A coincidence that I realized now is that I also moved to the same region – Lille is the capital of Nord-Pas- de-Calais. Thank God that the locals spoke with me the standard language.

The movie motivated me to be brave enough to go somewhere that’s very different from home, and to save time by doing my university studies and learning French at the same time, thanks to choosing France as my study abroad destination.