Written by Farzana Hossain Eva

It is tough to stay away from family and friends, while in a different county and in a different community. It is even more difficult for those who are experiencing this loneliness for the first time in their life. I am one of those persons; who has never ever lived alone and had no hostel experience.

Thus, it was a scary experience at first.

I am doing my Master’s degree at Aalborg University, Aalborg campus. Aalborg is a small city, with a very quiet atmosphere. After 4.00 PM, there are barely any people outside. I literally felt it was a dead city, in my first 2-3 days.

My loneliness was grasping me gradually and I really needed to do something to overcome this. My  advices, which I followed personally, to overcome depression and loneliness, in order to live an enjoyable life abroad, are:

1. Find some fun activities or friends to chat and hang out with: in my case, I have found some elderly friends through my volunteering activities, and I love to pass my free time with them.
2. Reviving some old pastime activities: I used to enjoy playing with colours and I have started to it again, whether it is on my wall, my art book, or on some cloths.
3. Find some free time to visit places alone.
4. Talking to family and friends on a regular basis is a good and easy way to feel better.
5. Listening to music or watching your favourite shows may sound a bit boring, but it helped in my case.
6. Passing some time with nature: it helps to get connected with nature and, thus, you will not feel lonely.

These are my own viewpoints and my own ideas. I am not a party girl and I do not live in any student house. So, I literally live alone and my above mentioned ideas helped me a lot to beat homesickness in these 6 months in abroad.