Written by Mortuza Reza

It was back in 2011 when I left my home sweet home for the first time ever in my life.

The drive and dream of studying abroad in a foreign country made me so determined, that I accepted the fact that I would be living away from my home. Initially, when I reached the UK and I was away from my home, I did not feel homesick.

But, once in a while, on a hard day, or even on a day when I was desperate for some home-cooked foods, I felt the need to go back home and see my family.

Studying abroad, away from home, comes with a lot of exciting opportunities, a sense of freedom, and the opportunity to expand your horizon. I have used the experience of studying abroad to live life to the fullest. I partied hard, made countless friends and acquaintances, and also tried to travel in as many places and try different cuisines as possible. But, even then, sometimes, in the middle of the night, I thought of leaving everything and go back to my people back home.

However, some things that made me overcome homesickness are:

1. Making lots of local friends – I tried to meet and make friends mostly from the country I was or am studying in. So, when I was in Scotland, I tried to make friends with the local Scots. Thus, I got a chance to know more about the local culture, where the best places to hang out are, and I managed to create a sense of being at home.
2. Study hard, but also party hard. It can make meeting new people and socialising a bit easier, but study and life balance is really important in abroad life. If someone only spends time studying, it will be easier for them to feel homesick, because of the lack of entertainment. So, my suggestion would be to go out and grab a drink over the weekend and talk to people. If you do not drink, then go out sightseeing, or just hang out with some like-minded people.
3. Use a medium to find a local family to be your host. Home does not make sense without a family. So, what I did in my abroad life was find a way to live and dine with local host families. This way, I could learn more about the culture and their ways of life, and, also, it made me feel like home.
4. Talk to your family once in a while. In today’s’ day and age, it is much easier to be in contact with families, due to Facebook, Skype, Imo, and so on. So, talking and sharing the foreign life with your family can make you feel that you are not really that far away.

So, to all the enthusiasts and passionate people, who want to go abroad and study, but worry about the prospect of living abroad, my suggestion would be ‘GO!’; adapt your heart and soul to the new place through networking and enjoying everything. And never forget that home is where your heart is!