Written by Agnish Dhar

Being away from home more than 3 months, India is aching in my heart. I miss very much my family, friends, and the surroundings of Kolkata. They are all in my heart and they give me the courage to pursue another chapter of my life here in Italy. Being a totally different country from India in many aspects, there’s one thing Italy has in common with India— people’s nature. They are more or less the same everywhere, just the outer coating is different due to culture and environment in different parts of the world. So, it was easy to adjust mentally.
Apart from that, Italians are very open-minded and friendly, like Indians. So, it wasn’t hard for me to adjust. Till now, I never felt that I’m a foreigner except for my low level of Italian :D. Even though some can’t speak English here, they try their best to understand what you have asked for. This is a beautiful and heart-warming experience for me. This makes me feel more welcome.
I’m lucky that I got admitted to the University of Bergamo where professors are very friendly and open-minded. They don’t boast their status, which makes it easy for students like me to openly ask them anything regarding studies. I don’t fear how they will take my queries and respond them. This thing is comforting for students like us, who come from another country.
And my classmates are like my friends from Kolkata. They are super friendly and make you feel comfortable with being a foreigner. I don’t see any difference between friends here and in Kolkata. Oh! yes, there is one – that here everyone is very stylish. 😀

Nowadays, the good thing is that technology will ease some parts of your homesickness. Thanks to Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and messenger, my Mom still wakes me up from India and sends me her greetings before I go the sleep. The same follows with everyone in India. So, it’s a life savior.

I honestly think that I will never fully overcome my homesickness because India lives in my heart and I can’t erase it completely. I will just try to adjust to it and move on with this amazing new life I received in Italy.
Hopefully, the experience here will ease my pain of being away from home.