Written by Antu Datta

It’s not easy to move to a new place and get used to everything in a very short time. Parents, Home, Friends back in your home country, every memory makes you more homesick. Loneliness even causes the depression sometimes.
Even after 6 months in Finland, it’s still quite a tough challenge for me to overcome homesickness. I have studied my Bachelor’s at a university only 60 kilometres from home, so I used to visit my parents and hometown at least once in a week. I miss everything there, probably because of the very different culture here in Finland.
I talk to my parents every day at least half an hour, share everything with them. Sometimes, when I’m feeling bad, only they can understand me. I am regularly in touch with my friends at home. I am also lucky to get some good friends in this new place. The main challenge is that because of cultural differences it takes more time to bond with people here.
To forget about homesickness, I have tried ice skating and cross-country skiing. Trying new sports is fun and a good way of passing the time.
I’m not particularly interested in alcoholic drinks or bars, I feel more at peace in a homely environment. That’s why I go and visit my local family here quite often. I am also a movie freak and love to read novels, and I have a very good friend with whom I go surfing books in a library here.
I am passionate about photography, so in my free time, I try to learn more about that. Sometimes I walk on the road only to pass the time, to explore the local life and environment.

In this very different culture, my greatest challenge is not to feel lonely and homesick. The best way to avoid this is to meet with more people and practice different hobbies.