Written by Kaloti Nazare

When it comes to being homesick you cannot tell me anything new. I started out as a 3 months exchange student in Germany and now I have been an international student for 2 years all over Europe. If you want to know what I have to say about being homesick, read on.
My first and very important piece of advice is don’t move to another country and expect it to be like back home. “When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.” – Clifton Fadiman
My second advice is to always remember that you are not the only one that feels that way. Try to find students who are also away from home and you will be surprised to discover how many challenges you are facing together.
My third advice is to embrace the changes/differences. If you can’t open yourself up to try new things and live a bit differently then, of course, you will have a hard time embracing and enjoying your new experience.
My fourth advice is: If you need to cry… JUST DO IT! (between you and me: I once cried while living in Spain, because I could not find the right veggie mix LOL – by the way, this was less than a year ago haha). Now I look back and laugh at myself.
My fifth advice is: ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY, stop stressing about everything that’s not going right or about things that are not familiar to you and instead celebrate what is different. Besides, you will be heading back home at some point anyway. Also, if there is something that always makes you feel at home don’t be embarrassed to take it with you. I always travel with a small pillow and blanket, because it makes me feel like I am sleeping in my own bed.

Finally, we are lucky to live in an era where there are Skype, Whatsapp, FB messenger, etc. so when you are feeling homesick, you know what to do:)