Written by Muhammad Fahd Asif

Despite being away from home, I still feel like being at home. To accomplish this state of mind —where I don’t feel homesick — I had to go through several arduous tasks, from missing my loved ones to getting settled into an unfamiliar environment. I am a firm believer of “overcoming challenges”; hence, my persistence and desire to get settled in taught me plenty of wonderful things. Therefore, today I am going to enlighten all of you with some of those tips or tricks.

The first trick, my favourite one, is the one where I always immerse myself into several activities with my friends. In this way, my attention totally diverts from the fact that I am living abroad. Those activities could be more like hobbies. For instance, I usually dine out with my friends, or we cook food together sometimes: in short, we spend our time doing something that interests us.
The second trick is the one where I always keep myself busy by working on the academic stuff: assignments, helping students, pursuing my council duties etc.
Lastly, we live in a world where video call exists, therefore I always stay in contact with my family. We have made a habit of calling each other fortnightly, thus I never feel like I am living away from them because I get to see them.

Hope some of these tricks will be of some help to all of you.