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Written by Percy Festus Alao

Dear Fredrick Omoerah,

It’s been a long while… I must admit sometimes I wonder at the thought of you remembering how it feels like to have me around. I recall how much you encouraged me and always wanted me to take charge. At moments, while I was trying to achieve my goal of going abroad to study, you would always drive me around to places where I needed to get my paperwork done. You hosted me even when it wasn’t convenient for you. You were truly amazing and understanding during times when I needed a real friend. Even when things did not go as planned, you still helped me stay optimistic.

And while I am in a different part of the world now pursuing my dream, it saddens me that we no longer spend time together. To be honest, words alone cannot say how much I have missed being around you and all the stuff we did. But I suppose we can both take pleasure in the fact that we are each pursuing our goals and soon we will revel in the thought of having come so far.

Studying abroad has been worthwhile, I am glad you helped me achieve this dream and I must say that your advice has always come in handy, especially when I was at a crossroads. I have settled in well as you already know. I have even made other awesome friends and most of whom know you and how amazing a friend you are.
I can’t say that it has been easy. Life has been overwhelming and I hope someday we get to catch up the times we missed, talking about life – and I sure can’t wait to tell you in person all about my study abroad experience.

Do have a great year!