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Written by Samreen M Hassan

It is so difficult to choose one person to address this letter to. But I am choosing a person who has encouraged me in everything I wanted to do in life and still does.

It’s one of the hardest decisions in your life to come out of your comfort zone to start something afresh. And it’s not easy times… So, this is for the one who made it easier for me to deal with me, my wavering thoughts and my lost confidence.

I don’t know if you realise that you helped me to adjust to changing times and inspired me to overcome my fears and to achieve my goals. You taught me to deal with difficult situations even when sitting hundreds of miles away. You cheer me up after every bad day and you are always there to guide me through. You go out of your way and do everything possible for me. You are the one I go to when my family doesn’t understand me or if I need moral support.
I know we don’t get to meet now as often as we used to, but you are always close to me. I miss you a lot. You always know how to comfort me, and you always say the right words. I can’t be more grateful to have you in my life.
I don’t know how long we will be there for each other but to me, all these moments are the most precious memories that I will keep forever. I know I never tell you this, but you are my strength and my life would have been so different if it was not for you.
A big thank you for all your love, help and support throughout this phase of my life.