Written by Agnish Dhar

Hi Ma!

Hope you are doing fine. I miss you very much. It’s been so long that I miss your care, love, warmth and your delicious food.

Here, I miss these things very much and now; life is different for me. I’m trying to do everything by myself and people here are very much self- dependent. This is a very good thing for personal development. I’m trying my best to it.

And you will not believe that I learned to cook— finally. The days taking everything for granted are gone 😀 I can’t wait to come to India and cook something Italian for you.;p

And my exams and winter holiday went well. I spend it in a good company.
I wish you were here. You would love Italy. And me more, because I could taste your home-cooked foods. 😀

I sincerely hope, you are taking good care of yourself. And I would be very happy if you tell me about anything you need from me.

And now, I’m preparing myself to learn Italian and to find some part-time job. Let’s hope they both turn well for me.

I will keep you updated on my life and wish the same from you.

Take very good care of you and stay healthy.

Bye, love you.

Your Son,