Written by Farzana Hossain Eva

Dear Momma,

This is the first time ever, in my whole life, I have been away from you for this long. Some way too long 6 months.
I know it may look cheesy for others, but you know that I am the one who never hides emotions from loved ones. I miss you. I miss your warm and long hugs, I miss your nagging, and I miss your mischievous acts.
I miss our day-long chats, hanging out, giggling and singing together.
Overall, I miss you.
After getting married, I thought that I would be able to grow up, but I was wrong. I could not overcome the tender child within me and I could never act like a grown up in front of you. But you always knew that your daughter is strong enough.
You trust and believe in me, and this trust encourages me a lot. Living alone abroad is a difficult task, but I am lucky enough to have such a loving family, my husband and you.
You are my role model and best friend, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to be a cool mom like you, but I know that my child will be lucky enough to get such a cool granny.

I am having a good time here, but all my days are a bit lonesome without you and my family. I am really glad that I have so many good memories together, and that I’ve never left my growing up become a hindrance between us.
Thank you for being my best friend, my warm shelter, and my confidence.

Love you always!

Your kitty,