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Written by Mahboob Alam

Dear beloved,

I am sure that you know it all, but you keep saying all the time “I don’t know”. I am waiting for that time when you’re going to utter those precious words which will enlighten my life with happiness.
Sometimes I thought we’ll never have seen each other again. The time I spent with you makes me feel incomplete without you. Your smile, anger, love, excuses, especially having you in my arms and very close to my heart, it all keeps flowing through my mind. You were the best companion for me the time while we travelled together. You are my muse, I think of you whenever I need inspiration.

The past few months have been the best months because I witnessed the unexpected beauty of you, the way you act is exceptional and unique. You deserve all the love.
We are from different worlds and loving you has made me so happy. I have been through bad states of mind, but after meeting you I feel awesome, light, energetic, and in love. I am grateful for making me such a better person. I don’t know what I did well so as to receive you as a gift.
I know I laugh the most when I talk or skype with you. I love that you know me so well. I am glad that you chose me to develop and establish such a close relationship.
I believe in you, I know you are the perfect person I was looking for. You are so independent, a fighter, and a person of dignity. You are a leader, and I want you to lead my life, and all other matters I deal with. I know it seems weird, but I want you to be close to me. So close that I can hear your heartbeat. You are my soul mate. There will always be love here for you.

Forever yours,
Mahboob Alam