Written by Maja Kuscer

They say that a long travel has different stages. First, you are excited that you are going somewhere where you will experience something new, then you enter a new territory and you are totally confused. You have to adapt to the new country. Afterwards comes the phase when you miss your loved ones and you want to go home. When you overcome this crucial step, you can fully enjoy your travel and in the end, you spend your time so well that you don’t want to go back home. The same is with studying abroad. One, two or more years far away from your homeland is a challenging period. There are some moments when you just think ‘why did I come here, it would have been better if I had stayed at home!’. But, trust me, it wouldn’t. When you are homesick just follow the tips that helped me to „survive” my studies in France.

– Think positive
– Think about the things that you are doing abroad now, and you couldn’t do if you had stayed in your homeland.
– Communicate with your friends and family often, especially using video calls. In this way, you won’t feel like they are so far away.
– Prepare your country’s traditional meals. Food often provokes different emotions and can remind us of nice memories (family dinners, special occasions).
– Talk about your country to other international students and listen to their stories. In this way, you are also becoming an ambassador of your culture.
– When you miss your mother language (because you will probably speak all the time in your second language) listen to your country’s song and singers.
– Investigate about some events or groups that are organized in your study destination and are related to your culture, and attend them.