Written by Valery Grace Salazar Cabanillas

Hey mamina y papino,

It has not been much since we were together for Christmas at home, but I miss you so much. Every day I thank God for giving me such an amazing family who is always giving everything and working so hard to make my dreams come true.
I know it is super difficult to let me go so far away from you, but be sure that it is for the best and I am studying hard to be successful. I promise someday you will be even more proud of me.
I miss you both so much, I can’t wait to see you again in May. I love to facetime every day but sometimes I need your hugs and kisses. I’m sure time will pass by fast and we will be together again so soon.

Thanks for giving me more than you can and for always trusting me even though I let you down many times in the past. All the effort is and will be worth it. I promise.

I love you sooo much,