Written by Arif Hossain

Chilling out with friends at port area to enjoy the view of Aegean Sea nearby the white tower is almost a tradition when you get enrolled as a student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since the University campus is not so large and there are very few places to get closer to nature, it’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of the monotonous life.

You will find many tourists and local people around the port area and it’s a great place for gossiping with friends. It covers a large area on the edge of Aegean Sea. If you want to take a long walk in a healthy environment then this is the perfect place. Moreover, there is also different pathway marked in color for bicycling and running as well.

It takes ten to fifteen minutes to get there from the main administrative building of University. There are more than a couple of boat bars available around the port area, which are not that much expensive. Besides having a drink on the boat bar, you can also enjoy an hour or more time of boat ride which can refresh your mind after a long tiring day of classes.

There are also many restaurants and coffee bars available just around the main street named Leof. Nikis. So, it’s very good idea to grab a frappé (Greek foam-covered iced coffee) to take away just before getting there.