Written by Arif Hossain

Taverna refers to the restaurant in Greek culture which serves a plenty of traditional Greek cuisine. It’s been a long time that Greek people patronizing this culture of maintaining taverna. The earliest evidence of tavernas has been discovered by archaeological excavation on ancient Agora of Athens. Through the excavation, a large amount of classical Greek cooking utensils was revealed. Moreover, different cuisine assemblage and distinguish sample of wine were discovered at the same time.
During the study at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, you will definitely realize that joining at taverna night is part of social life. Among the plenty of places for choosing a cozy taverna, Bit Bazaar is one of the best options. They open around 8 pm at night and operate until 2-3 am in the morning.
First of all, you will have to grab a table and if it’s crowded with a lot of people they will take little longer to serve your foods. Before the serving of food, you will find a delight offer of a jug of free Greek wine to pass the time in between.
You can order varieties of traditional Greek cuisine comprising with meat and fish items. The wine is also very cheap in any taverna. I am afraid that there are very few options for the vegetarians. Taverna night is one of the most important parts of night’s life in Greek culture. You should enjoy this opportunity to cope up with local culture and tradition.