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Written by Suman Bhattarai

What is the advantages of going abroad for tertiary study ?, It’s quite simple; to learn more than just piece of papers. Off course when we go in different places than our home country we will learn more than books. Here i am going to talk about some important points of advantages of abroad study.

1. New learning environment : first of all, obviously when we go abroad there will be different environment of study. Every country have their own methods of teaching and studying. As well as people surrounding by you also make impact on study. University in developed country has vast and deep learning methods which makes you more clear about your own opinion and also make you able to make decisions.

2. Adaptation of different cultures and lifestyle : culture is the way of living, custom and social behaviour of particular people and society. When we go in new place we get chance to understand their local culture and we also learn to adapt in that culture and lifestyle. In this four years I learned about different culture in we Europe. The way of living is different in different countries.

3. Meeting people from around the world : this is one of the best opportunity to meet people from different places and make them friends. International group of friends have always fun and makes to more open minded. You can hear their thinking which sometimes good and sometimes worst, it’s all depend on where they came from. Society makes different from others.

4. Development of critical thinking and innovative solution : like I said before, when you learn in new and different environment with people with different ideas and different opinions that will makes you able to find which one is good and which is not. You also will able to identify the proper solution for problems. When you think with open mind, only that can make you innovative to decision making.

5. Ideas Sharing : you are more than you can imagine. You could have more innovative ideas, you could have more knowledge but if you don’t have place to share that is worthless. All you need is best environment to share those ideas and developing them. I am pretty sure you can get that environment in different places.

6. Boundless Opportunities : this is the age of globalization. Developed countries has more opportunities than developing countries. Studying in developed country make you able to work there. So, I would like to say this is the one of the most important advantages of abroad study. We can choose the best destination and go for study, get better knowledge and ideas and get better opportunities for life.

7. Learning new languages : languages is the way of communication. But in my opinion this is also one talent which you can gain while studying abroad. Languages makes you smarts around peoples. Last few years I was in France so now I can speak little bit French which is really awesome. I can communicate in French with French people.

8. Exploring new places : last one but one of the huge advantage of being in abroad is you will have great chance to travel around the world. In my experience, I am in Europe and transport in Europe is so easy thats why I travel so many countries within Europe.

Here I discussed about different advantages which is I am experiencing now.