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Written by Suman Bhattarai

When I was thinking about pursuing my study in abroad English country came first because of there were more people from my country and so I decided to contact some of my friends who lived there, I talk to them I get some ideas, Ideas likes; you can find work here, you can earn money for you, can pay university fees and have some fun with friends. But I was thinking too much about country, visited several education consultancy in Kathmandu, private consultancy suggest where they have higher profit. So it wasn’t good idea to get information from them.

What matters for Students?, obviously fees first. No matter how many university’s website I checked I looked for fees and than courses. Fees should be reasonable and can pay by me. Higher university fees cause huge problem in abroad study like; you should worry when fees should pay, sometimes hard to manage those amounts, more stress and can be a reason for college dropout or frustration. But if university fees is lower; you could easily manage those amounts, you don’t need to work hard to get those money, it’s make your life easy going and you will have less stress more fun around classes, university and in even town. Second thing is obviously courses, if fees is suitable than I look for my desirable course. Choosing course suggest by other but you really not interested is not worthy, always look for the course you love you desire to study. And next important thing is work life; availability of part-time work, language requirement to get job and time availability. Work makes more impact on lifestyle, that means utilizing free time is always good for both; spending time as well as getting money from that.

While thinking about countries, Language is also one of the most important topic to think about because it is the one custom of that country, or even we can say that is the way of making communication in society and groups. Language is most essential to know that country, to survive there, to communicate with them, to do everything. In some countries you can’t get job if you don’t know the local language. This is one part, in another part language is essential to make good relationship with local people which sounds not important but this makes you feel good if you can communicate with them on their local language.

Last but not least point is living expenses in your chosen country. If your chosen country is in one of high cost of living index country it could be difficult to survive. But there is one advantage of such country that is you could earn more by doing same than low index country. It’s like earn more spend more. If you are planning to not to work but just study well, in such case high cost of living country is not better option. You have to survive there so be well prepared.

If you find some university with attractive course in reasonable fees in medium cost of living country that is the best selection of country. I don’t suggest you to choose those country where you have to do lots of struggle to survive.

Today I am in one small and beautiful city of Poland and studying in University of Economics in Katowice which is awesome university and have best course. I am well satisfy here.