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Written by Suman Bhattarai

After completion of my bachelor degree from Tribhuvan University in Nepal I decided to continue master degree in Abroad. I had no any idea about any universities like; how to find university, how to contact them, how to apply for course. In my point of view, it was a challenge for me. Desire is nothing if you have no ability to do it, but that desire is weapon to win if have courage.

To find university I get nice website “study portal”, and than I started search for suitable university for me. I make limited criteria like; minimum and maximum tuition fees, language of study, desired countries and desired course course.

After several days I made list of university based on country which was suitable in manner of fees, city and country. I visited their university official website and get knowledge and ideas to apply for coming session. I got response from most of them. After long process I had few list of university where I was accepted than I choose one of the best among them, it was Blaise Pascal University in France. University demands original documents or notary verified documents before issuing the final acceptance letter so I did verified my documents from campus France office and sent to the address of university. After all process I paid fees for one year, I transferred fund bank through bank.

Getting admission in university is not final steps for most students we need visa to get there. Getting appointment for visa interview is sometimes hard. And for some nationalities; they don’t have embassy in their own country so they have to go neighbour country. In Nepal there are very embassy from Europe, students have to go India to submit visa application and for visa interview which is costly and time consuming. But it was easy for me because we don’t need to go India to apply for France. I applied for visa and wait for response. I went back to my home town. In 20th day I get call from agency that my passport is arrived in Kathmandu. I was quite nervous and called to my brother to get my passport and I ask him to open envelop and see pages of passport. Than he said there is visa of France. I was so happy that my dream comes true. After all, I get ticket for Paris and I was in Paris on 1st of Feb 2015. New country, new language, new environment it was totally different than my country. First time I saw snowfall, I was alone but too much happy to be there.

University was so beautiful, teaching methodology was advance sometimes that need more efforts to adapt that atmosphere. I fully concentrate on study and focused on future. I’d less homesickness maybe because I lived in Kathmandu for five years. When I finished my study there I moved to Paris for further study.
I stayed three years in France and than I decided to study one more master degree in accounting and finance. And I again started to searching new university in Europe. I found this university and I applied, I accepted. This time it was easy for me because I don’t need to apply visa and do anything.

I am really happy to be a part of this university. This is the great opportunity for me.