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Written by Suman Bhattarai

I want to share my experience of living abroad as an international student. Currently, I am doing my Master in Accounting and Finance in University of Economics in Katowice.

Katowice is one of the vast developed city of Poland, which is in silesia region border connected with Czech Republic. This city also known as industrial cities because here we can see different multinational companies. Being located between Krakow and Wroclaw which are the third and fourth biggest and beautiful city katowice take advantages of that. Transport infrastructure, city, streets are well developed. Huge number of buses and trams make public transport easiest and fastest way of travel. Trains are also quite good and connected with all city within country and neighbour countries.

In Katowice, there are two big university; University of Silesia and University of Economics. University of Economics focus in course related to economics, finance, insurance, accounting, business studies, commerce and information technologies etc. while University of Silesia focus on other than this faculty like; science, math and arts etc. There are two library; the extensive one in center near to university of silesia and and next one in university of economics. We can go and read books and take books from both of the library. Atmosphere of library is really awesome, I usually spend time on both of them.

Usually in weekend we used to go to the parks during the day and bar or clubs at night. City is full of huge parks; there are more than 10 huge parks which are really beautiful as well. We arrange meeting with friends for gathering. Near to the university there is a place called 3 Lakes,which is famous in katowice and this is the best place to chill in edge of the 3 beautiful and giant lakes. Mariacka street is famous for bar, lots of peoples go there for the symposium. Wednesday to saturday night is weekend here, sounds long and funny but it’s fact. I usually go just for a glass of beer on wednesday and go for a club on friday night. Cinema is also one the good way to spend time, here you can have monthly pass for cinema with no limits so you don’t need to pay every time. You can watch movie in English or Polish, there will be different time for each language. Cycling is popular in poland, you can rent a cycle and ride around city or parks. There is separate lane for cycle.

The best part of katowice is; it is in south west part so that make easy to travel in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. Obviously travelling is one of the most interesting way of living. Within Poland, train is best mode of transport for students because student get 51% of discount in fare that is less than fare of bus. Students also get discounts in public transport tickets.

Finally, I am really happy to be here. I’m spending best days of my student life. Traveling, adventure, study and fun makes my everyday better. I would like to suggest this city for further studies.