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Written by Florentina Badea

When you start thinking about studying abroad, the financial aspect is going to represent a substantial factor when choosing the country and your next to be university. And, as it was my case too, your parents would love to hear that you got a scholarship, so they/ you won’t have to worry that much about your tuition fee or daily life expenses.

Well, hello people, I am here to tell you that scholarship is not a must! I had to find this out in a not so pleasant way, but I am here to share my story with you hoping that this will bring you some comfort and maybe change your perspective! And if I manage to raise your confidence level just a little bit, I’ll be even more happy! So, stay with me and hear me up!

Two years ago, I decided that I want to challenge myself and of course, study abroad was the best way of doing that! At that point, this next step was clear for me and I would not let anyone to stop me from doing that. Therefore, even though it was quite late when I took the decision, I started by checking programs that would represent a perfect fit for my background.

In my home country, the process of applying to a university and getting a scholarship go hands in hands, meaning that if your grades are high enough, once you get accepted at the university you’ll automatically receive a scholarship. With this in mind, I didn’t check properly the process of getting a scholarship for the university where I wanted to apply. Therefore, I found out in the last week before the deadline for applying that getting a scholarship requires to be admitted beforehand. And since the bureaucracy was taking a lot of time (you know getting all those hard copies of an endless number of documents) there was no chance for me to receive an acceptance letter for getting that scholarship.

Although I got really upset for making some unfounded assumptions, I knew that I still need to find another source of income. Some weeks later, I managed to see an announcement for a part time job for the university in the Marketing Department. The requirements weren’t really close to my background, but my ambition, drive and some experience in volunteering helped me to get the job. One that I still have after 2 years and I have to say that this was the best thing that could happen to me.
It had such a significant impact on my life, and apart from the financial aspect, got me in touch with amazing people working for the university and put me in a position where I could help other students from my home country to come and study here. Moreover, I got to improve my social skills and get involved in a lot of innovative projects organized by my university.
But all these events that significantly improved my student experience couldn’t be foreseen at the point when I realized that a scholarship will not be an option for me. I am not saying that you’ll also get a part time job in the university or having a scholarship won’t be useful, but don’t limit yourself. Keep you mind open and strive for what you want. You might also face difficulties when considering studying abroad, but don’t give up.
Sometimes, this kind of events, like not being able to have a scholarship, can be a blessing in disguise!