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Written by Percy Festus Alao

It is exactly 1 year, 9 months and 22 days since I made that journey in September 2016 to Estonia to fulfill my masters study in Tallinn University of technology, Tallinn, Estonia. The first reasons which shaped my decision to come study in Tallinn University of Technology were, the availability of a study programme directly relevant to my previous bachelor’s degree, the immense financial support, large community of international students and numerous provision for student in terms of accommodation.

I am writing this review not out of financial gain but to show you all that there is still beauty in studying. The only hinderance is your choice in selecting the most beautiful option. For me, studying here has been everything. Both overwhelming and the best decision of my life. While many will question the choice of Estonia as it is still unknown compared to numerous other destinations in Europe and America… I bet to say studying here compares in all ramifications to these destinations and the diverse number of international students from all part of the world, infrastructure and programmes offered state the obvious.

As a student, I was not only exposed to the theoretical and practical learning aspect but also experienced diverse social activities organized mostly by my specialty in the department of Technology of wood, plastic and textiles. Tallinn itself is a beautiful city and always flocked with many individuals and tourist especially during the summer. It doesn’t stop there. I chose to write this article just to intimate you about the biggest jackpot about studying here.

Prior to Master’s degree study, I had graduated from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria as one of the best students in my faculty and university in 2011. While this was an amazing fit, nothing still compares to graduating your master’s degree with a CUM LAUDE in one of Europe’s higher institution. However, as if that feeling is not over the moon already… In Estonia, if you graduate with such results then, you are officially going to spend a day with the president of the country. Isn’t this amazing?!!!

An official invitation letter is sent to all students who graduate with such results and you get the opportunity to meet other bright individuals like you to listen to a speech given by the president to show how proud they are of your achievement, to share drinks, eat best the best food, listen and watch music performed by some of the best music artist in Estonia and have moments to talk and share pictures with the president.

So, there you go… if you can get this sort of presidential treatment as a foreign student then do not make the error of not aiming for it. As you have seen, apart from studying here, you also have a chance to be hosted by the president of the country. It doesn’t matter from what country or planet you come from or if you are Estonia… All you need to do is come study here, enjoy it and don’t forget… graduate with a CUM LAUDE 😉