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What is the League of Students? 

We are a strong community of international students living abroad. Our aim is to make the step of going abroad a little less scary by giving better insights based on our experiences. Join our mission and make friends from all over the world!

Studyportals strongly believes that studying abroad enriches every person, creating more understanding of different cultures, norms and values. We want to inspire more people to make this step

Our impact 

As a Student Ambassador, you are a member of the League of Students, representing Studyportals at your university. You do this by performing several activities, explaining your international experiences, or sharing tips and tricks to other students who are interested in studying abroad.

This is a volunteer programme and members are rewarded in the form of points. For every activity you perform, you will receive a certain number of points which can be exchanged for awesome products. Also, if you collect enough points, you can join Studyportals’ Ambassador road trip this summer!