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Alina Gogitidze

Alina Gogitidze

Rome Business School, Italy

Country of origin: Georgia
Study course: Master in Political Marketing

Why did you decide to study abroad?
I’ve decided to study abroad to gain maximum knowledge, experience in order to share in future and help others with collected information and bring more multicultural relations.

What made you decide on this university?
This university gives an open gate for the future life of students, has specific program description within visits of companies and as well free to speak and to share your opinion.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
Experience of studying abroad was always full of positive adventures and great memories and experience.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
First of all, if the student has no availability to come to this University city, he or she may study through online/live lectures. Another important issue is professors are at an excellent level of providing information, within the organisation. Thirdly, there is a possibility to have a discount award for students, as nowadays payment of studies/education is difficult for students.