An overview of articles written by our Ambassadors

Belle de Jong – Bachelor Abroad – Why Malta?

Loved writing this article to let others know about my experience and the way in which I found my university! I was wondering whether I would get updated when it is checked and when it is posted? I would like to see feedback/corrections so I can improve my coming articles.

Florentina Badea – Seize the moment

Written by Florentina Badea When you decide to study abroad, you are also making a commitment to prioritize your study as in most of the cases it requires some financial efforts. In the same time, you want to have the best experience, so you also need to find time for...

Rebecca White – Worries fade fast

Written by Rebecca White Worrying about settling into a new place can be daunting. The thoughts of trying to make new friends, learning how to get around an unfamiliar place and understanding cultural differences were some of the issues I was concerned about moving to...

Arif Hossain – Taverna night at Bit Bazaar!

Written by Arif Hossain Taverna refers to the restaurant in Greek culture which serves a plenty of traditional Greek cuisine. It’s been a long time that Greek people patronizing this culture of maintaining taverna. The earliest evidence of tavernas has been discovered...

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