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How to save money in Norway

Norway is a very attractive country to study in. While a degree itself might be cheap, the cost of living in Norway can be quite high. However, it’s easy to save a considerable amount of money while living here. In this article, I will go through the ways I saved on food, shopping, and transportation, while studying in Bergen.

Mariam Devadze – Back to Black

The holiday season is always alluring, and inspires you to procrastinate. However, this summer was very different for me: I spent the whole summer volunteering in Albania as an English teacher with AIESEC in SOS Village Tirana. It was an amazing, life-changing experience.

Anastasia Serfioti – Summer is over! So what?

Whether you are going back to your final year in high school or it’s your first year at university or you’re going back to college for your second, third, or fourth year (which is my case) you can’t wait to fulfil the anticipations you had over the summer. How will school and everyone else going to be?

Stephen Ma – New Country, New Course, and a New Home

Endless sun, travelling, activities, and meeting so many new faces along the way, whilst getting familiar with the Swedish culture, was like living the dream. It was an experience like no other. I felt really lucky to have had that opportunity, because it changed my life.

Anastasia Serfioti – Student Life in Southern France

Student years are considered to be some of the best in our lives. This is because it is the time to live and do everything you ever wanted: travel, see, learn, listen, admire, and share. This journey commences when you decide where you’re going for your studies.

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