An overview of articles written by our Ambassadors

Yiqi Huang – A Letter to Another Musician

Dear grandpa, It’s weird that I’ve never written to you, but immediately thought of you when I came across this ‘letter-to-a-loved-one’ challenge. I can almost see what you’re doing now: taking a nap after lunch.

Mortuza Reza – Home is where the heart is!

It was back in 2011 when I left my home sweet home for the first time ever in my life. The drive and dream of studying abroad in a foreign country made me so determined, that I accepted the fact that I would be living away from my home.

Farzana Hossain Eva – Overcoming my homesickness

It is tough to stay away from family and friends, while in a different county and in a different community. It is even more difficult for those who are experiencing this loneliness for the first time in their life.

Maja Kušćer – A movie once watched, may not be enough

Motivation for a venture can come from different sources. Everything that surrounds us is full of messages. A positive experience of a friend, a recognition from employers, an advice from your professors are some of the main incentives.

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