An overview of articles written by our Ambassadors

Jonida Ndreaj – Should I study abroad?

Written by Jonida Ndreaj First of all, congratulations! The fact that a question like this keeps buzzing on your head is a good indicator that you have a keen interest regarding your education. Maybe you haven’t realised it yet, but you have already taken a decision....

Sebastian Peichl – My way to housing in Amsterdam: a love story

Written by Sebastian Peichl Everything started in July 2017 when -completely unexpected- on a sunny Friday afternoon I got an email from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam stating that I was admitted to the master’s degree I applied for. Shortly after I received the...

Sebastian Peichl – Exploring Amsterdam

As I had a really taugh time deciding which master’s to do and wehere to do it I want to help other people in the same situation. Moreover, I want to encourage people to go abroad!

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