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Eltaj Hasanova

Country of origin: Azerbaijan
Study course: Marketing and Commerce

Why did you decide to study abroad?
The main reason is that I wanted to be a “citizen of the world”. I wanted to live as many cultures as I can. And studying was one of the early stages of my life, and I decided to realise my dream as soon as I can.
The second is that, studying abroad, I can create an amazing global network which will be very usefull in the future for my career in the era of globalisation.
Moreover, it also gives me an advantage while applying to the jobs as well as enabling and motivating me learn new languages.

What made you decide on this university?
The city is in the heart of Europe, Budapest! And my university is in one of the most beautifull, central parts of it that, you just enjoy it on the way.
Moreover, it is a multicultural business university. Since, it is in a city full of opportunities, I have a lot of chances for experience, jobs, or other self-development.
Since there are a lot of students from everywhere, I get a chance to practice my languages with them too!

How is your experience of studying abroad?
I love it! I am surrounded by a lot of international people, as well as the locals. I feel like I am travelling the world everyday, by just attending my lectures. Furthermove, I get to deepen my knowledge in a particular local culture as well, and there are a lot of friendly people around me to help. Moreover, I am learning something everyday, which is great as I never like a life without development.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
Because, noone should miss a chance for a life changing experience. It is like a challange, which is a tramplin for you for greater things. Once you take the challange you get to enjoy a great beauty of it.
Also, it is a great experience to enjoy your youth. You get to make a lot of friends worldwide and you get to know a lot of cultures, without opening the books or googling.
And the best thing, you get a new home for yourself tasting the joy of travelling meanwhile.