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Ezequiel Primo

Ezequiel Primo

Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, Germany

Country of origin: Argentina
Study course: Master in Computer Science

Why did you decide to study abroad?
Actually everything started some years ago when I had my first experience abroad and, indeed, was quite far away from home. At that time I pursued an unforgettable student exchange that was, unfortunately, only for one semester. But, it was more than enough for me to realize that it was the beginning of something great, and that the horizon is much wider than I ever believed. After this experience, and when I came back to my home country, I was already fixed on the idea of pursuing postgraduate studies in a foreign country. I stuck with this idea simply because it was a priceless experience being surrounded by people from every corner of the world and sharing such an amazing time with them. It is just a matter of seizing the opportunity and going for it; although, this desire for awakened curiosity must come entirely from your inner person.

What made you decide on this university?
Apart from the main point mentioned before, financial matters were a radical part of my decision, because in my home country (as well as in other attractive and well-known places) it is very complicated to afford the tuition cost. On the other hand, in Germany, public
universities offer a broad range of studies, and their universities maintain an above-average and worldwide reputation. Hence, I applied to four or five distinct universities, and got my first admission letter from a university located in Freiburg. This latter feature was relevant to me; but there were other important factors, such as: living costs, weather, language, and a lively city (packed with international students) were essential aspects.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
Honestly, I have to say that my experience studying abroad has been mostly positive and enriching to my knowledge and openness.
However, one must, of course, deal with local habits, and get used to unknown norms and regulations. Maybe one important aspect to mention is the fact that my faculty offers a flexible study programme. This structure is completely different from what I expect at my home country, and it was necessary for me to get used to it. In general, I always have the chance to travel around and attend several interesting events. With regard to this, the university has an entire department devoted to supporting students practically on any matter.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
The university is placed in a city that is neither large, nor really small. So its particular size makes it an ideal study environment. This university dates from the 15th century, offering everydiscipline you can imagine (and more!). This is also the main reason why domestic/national students study here from other distant regions or cities, such as Hamburg, Frankfurt or Berlin. From cutting-edge innovative programs, to very traditional and old ones, you can count on a wide spectrum of study areas to choose from and compare. In addition, it is remains a top-ranked university in Germany; and it is within the top 150 universities on a global scale. The entire campus is easily reachable, no matter where you are staying; and biking is the transportation method of choice. A semester public transit ticket is available for students at a reasonable price.

Concerning tuition fees, these are very affordable, given the fact that the region of Baden charges some of the lowest rates for matriculation and regular study fees; and payments take place once per semester (twice per year),.
Last but not least: it is perfectly located in the centre of Europe. For example France and Switzerland are a mere fifty kilometres away. This green, sustainable city provides plenty of sport and leisure activities; so you will definitely never get bored.