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Fezan Mukhtar

Country of origin: Pakistan
Study course: Bsc. Biochemical engineering

Why did you decide to study abroad?
It was my dream since childhood to study abroad in a multicultural environment .I wanted to know about people from all over the world .Every Person is a representative of his/her country when he /she comes abroad for studying .He/she brings own culture and own way of learning things .I was curious about learning these things .One reason to study abroad was that i wanted to explore myself and wanted to feel more independent. Another reason to come abroad was the best education of Europe which is very relaxing and based on practical knowledge and self assessment quite contrary to my country which focuses more on cramming things..

What made you decide on this university?
When i decided to study abroad , i searched the universities all over the internet which suited best to my chosen course .Finally after visiting many websites i found which quickly helped me to find university matching my course.University of Debrecen is one of the oldest and fine insinuations in Hungary and Europe. It was the only university in Hungary and central Europe offering Bachelors in Biochemical engineering in English.University has a very good ranking and large number of opportunities for research and training purpose.Once i applied , i came to know i was qualifying for Full scholarship which even increased my determination to come here.There are huge number of international students and a huge multi cultural environment which was all i i needed.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
Studying Abroad increased my language and adaptability skills. I learned so many new experiences here, some good some bad which made me even stronger.I made so many good friends and learned about different cultures. The exam system is purely very relaxing .Teachers are very cooperative and friendly who encouraged me so much in every way . Education system helps you to use your own knowledge and based on practical skills.Travelling was my passion .Being In Europe , i can freely travel all over the Europe and see the charms of every country .I visited many countries and beautiful places All these experiences make me feel that i made a right decision to come here.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
University of Debrecen is very huge and thousands of international students are studying here .It has a relatively low fees as compared to other universities and gives many scholarship opportunities to bright students .It has 5 different campuses around the city and it provides wide range of courses .It is located in Debrecen city which is the second largest city of Hungary and it is very peaceful .It gives you a very much feeling of studying .University provides you many extracurricular activities to keep yourself busy.You won’t regret once you will come here .